When building Dawn Custom Cattle Feeders, we paid careful attention to our mill. This state-of-the-art plant produces steam-flaked grains of a quality comparable to cereal flakes. The location of the yard provides access to the more advanced varieties of milo. In fact, we employ food-grade milo in many of our rations.

Computers ride along side the feedtruck drivers. RAM cards record data from the sensors on the truck. The mill computer reads the data on the cards and pumps the information into the office computers. This advanced system provides a high level of quality control, and ensures that quantities and rations are exact. The cattle get exactly what they need, and the client is not billed for feed his cattle never got.

The computers, however, pale in comparison to the mill manager, Efran Zambrano.

Zambrano heads up a number of skilled employees who combine their heads with the microchips they work with to hit the perfect balance.

The yard also retains the services of a professional nutritionist to optimize the feed for improved gain. The nutritional staff works together to squeeze the most value out of the rations and customize those rations to the needs of the individual pens.

At DCCF, we take no chances with the caliber of our rations. They make the cattle, and your profits, grow.

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