Commodities cannot be treated like other investments. At DCCF, we know how to handle cattle. And where.

Animal health is critical, and the primary factors of this field are beyond the control of science. Rain diminishes gain, as does bitter cold. Shipping fever kills thousands of head of cattle per year. Distance affects cost of grain.

We propose a solution to these erratic factors. Come to DCCF Country.

Located in Dawn, Texas, the heart of the Texas Panhandle and the core of cattle operations in this country, DCCF enjoys moderate climates and close proximity to every major packer in the industry. Furthermore, the area produces wheat, milo, corn, and other grains in abundance.

In the high plains of the Panhandle, the sun shines an average of 260 days a year. A few days of the year, the temperature may creep into the low 100s, and on occasion, it drops to the low teens. Summer days average 85 to 95 degrees, and winter days stay about 50 degrees.

The Panhandle is an arid region, with rainfall averaging 20-25 inches per year. Only 5 inches of that come from snow. When the storms of spring wet the dry plains, the topography of our yard provides additional protection.

Furthermore, DCCF lies near plants of the major packers in the industry. When IBP, Excel, or Montfort seeks cattle for slaughter, they come to those yards nearest their plants.

Luckily, packers need only drive an hour to get to DCCF. In addition, this means that shipping time on cattle is reduced. Less shrinkage, less time without water and feed, and reduced susceptibility to shipping fever -- all major concerns of the packing industry -- make us very attractive to the end buyer. As packers also pay their own shipping costs, the financial gains are evident.

All in all, DCCF could only be more ideally placed if the packers were in our backyard. In the sprawling plains of West Texas, we feel that they are.


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