What makes Dawn Custom Cattle Feeders different? It is a question of service and performance.

We provide the most extensive services we can to our clients. This Internet site is an example. We provide to our customers world-wide access to their yard sheets. With a computer and a modem, an investor can check the status of his cattle any time, anywhere in the world.

We also provide extensive investment services to our clients. DCCF will make arrangements to purchase and finance cattle and feed, and hedge the cattle for the client. All it takes is a phone call. Inexperienced buyers may rely on the expertise of the DCCF team to make accurate, profitable decisions. Those buyers who are not new to the world of commodities may find invaluable insight from DCCF.

Our recovery and animal health programs are the lynch pin of our success. We employ the finest advisors and crewmen available to maintain the health and performance of your investment. We take the trust invested in us by our clients personally.

That is probably the largest difference between DCCF and other cattle feeders.

Just ask the people who feed with us. They can sum up the DCCF Difference better than we can.

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If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact us at dbaumann@dccf.com