Welcome to Dawn Custom Cattle Feeders Online. We are one of the first feedyards in the world to offer our clientele online services.

We are proud to offer to our clients the ability to access your lot sheets in real time. Follow this link and enter your password to get the information you need now!

Our feedyard offers cattle for sale to our clients. Click here to view our current inventory of cattle for sale.

Located in the heart of the cattle industry, this optimum-sized feedyard capitalizes on its geography. Even the clay soil of the land is used to maximum benefit, and the design of the yard incorporates rigid guidelines for environmental protection.

At DCCF, we are committed to providing the finest services available to our clients. This state-of-the-art facility, one of only two feedyards constructed on the High Plains of Texas in over 20 years, employs the latest technologies to maximize the performance of your investment.

However, DCCF isn't about technology and computer wizardry. It's people. When technology provides no answer, people can. This credo makes DCCF the success story it is.

This is the DCCF Difference. Within, you will discover why DCCF has earned its sterling reputation in such a short time. You will learn that when it comes to feedyards, there is a difference, and it is Dawn Custom Cattle Feeders.


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If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact us at dbaumann@dccf.com